Land Rover Heritage Society Inc

Land Rover Heritage Society Inc

Club Membership

The Club is located in South Australia and most members have joined to qualify for Historical Registration hear in South Australia. Membership is open to anyone that owns an old Land Rover. Memberships renewals are due on the 1 of January each year, along with your Log Books being returned for stamping.

Historic Registration Benefits

For cars older than 30 years, they can be registered under club historic registration for a significant discount compared to standard registration. You can register your car for up to three years and will be able to drive it up to 90 days a year. Being a Land Rover Heritage Society member will give you the opportunity to register your car under these conditions. 

  1. Your registration will be void unless membership is renewed and log book stamped before 1 January of each year, regardless of its expiry date. Please do not drive your vehicle if this is the case. Penalties apply under the Road Traffic Act 1961. You can view the Historic Registration Code of Practice via
  2. The LRHS is required by law to notify the Registrar of unfinancial members after 28 February each year.
  3. If you wish to discontinue your Membership and/or Historic registration please return your log book to the club address for cancellation.
  4. Historic registration is not transferable between clubs, vehicles or owners and cannot be used for hire.
  5. If you have any questions about your registration, please contact the club first.


New Member –

Joining Fee $10.00 & Membership Fee $40.00

Total – $50

Existing Member –

Membership Re-newel Fee $40.00

Total – $40